The Tainted Series

Tainted Crimson (Book 1)

Tainted Heart (Book 2)

Extra: Lost to the Darkness (Book 2.1 – Exclusively on Wattpad, this a short scene from Daymon’s P.O.V during the events of Tainted Heart. It is not necessary to the series.)

Taied Magic (Book 3)

Tainted World (Book 4) 

Black Petals Series

Halfling (Book 1)

Changeling (Book 2)

Pure Blood (Book 3) Coming August 2016


Impossible Attraction (Book 1)

Right Side Up (Book 2) Coming 2017

The Scribe

Amnesia (Book 1) September 2016

Indavor (Book 2) November 2016

Notebook (Book 3) January 2017